Airush & AK Aluminium Mast


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    Product Description

    Foil Masts: 40 – 95cm

    Airush Foil – Aluminum 50cm Mast

    Ideal for first-time foilers or riders in extremely shallow water.

    Airush / AK Foil – Aluminum 60cm Mast

    Ideal for Intermediate surf, wave riding, and shallow water.

    Airush Foil – Aluminum 70cm Mast

    New intermediate length, ideal for use with X Wing configuration in maneuver oriented mode. (Rear wingtips down) where less water clearance is required.

    Airush Foil / AK Foil – Aluminum 80cm Mast

    The recommended length for all-around freeride, good combination of water clearance when rear wings are set for increased stability (Wingtips up).

    Airush Foil / AK Foil – Aluminum 95cm Mast

    For the advanced rider looking for a lot of range of trim.