2020 Premium Airush Kitesurfing Package Deal


    Please contact us before ordering package deals to ensure you choose the correct sizes and to ensure we have everything in stock. Package deals will be in stock by early to mid November 2019


    Product Description

    Kitesurfing Package deal

    The Premium Package deal will be in stock by early to mid November 2019

    Kite: 2020 Airush Lithium Core V11

    Bar: 2020 Airush Cleat Bar V4

    Board: 2020 Airush Switch V10

    Harness: 2019 ProLimit HAWK Waist Harness

    Pump: 2020 Airush High Velocity Pump

    How to choose the right size of kite and board ? See the table below

    Single Kite 18-25 knotsTwo Kites 15-25 knotsThree kites 10-35 knotsBoard length
    506 or 7m6/7m + 4/5m9m + 6/7m + 4/5m125-132cm
    607 or 8m7/8m + 5/6m12m + 7/8m + 5/6m126-134cm
    708 or 9m8/9m + 6/7m13/14m + 8/9m + 6/7m130-136cm
    809 or 10m9/10m + 7/8m15/16m + 9/10m + 7/8m132-139cm
    9010 or 11m10/11m + 7/8m17/18m + 10m + 7m135-142cm
    10011 or 12m11/12m + 8/9m17/18m + 11m + 8m137-145cm
    11012 or 13m12/13m + 9/10m18/19m + 12m + 9m139-150cm

    How to choose the right harness size? See the table below

    Harness SizeWaist (CM)Waist (Inches)
    Kitesurfing Package deals

    The 2020 Lithium V11 is a beginner-friendly kite that will follow you all the way to your pro-level riding.


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