2019 Airush Complete Hydrofoil – Progression Board & Carving Foil 80cm + 60cm Mast

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    • Ideal for entry level and intermediates or heavier riders in light winds.
    • Based on the extremely successful Core Foil board 145 x 51cm.
    • Advanced bottom shape for easy touch downs and carving.

    The perfect entry-level foil board with the same design fundamentals as our narrower Core foil board, making it extremely versatile, taking you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride.

    The Progression Foil Board outline features a relatively narrow tail with the wide point further forward. The wider nose optimizes the stability when touching down or getting started, while the narrower tail allows the board to be edged into the wind more aggressively, specifically when using a shorter mast or for the more advanced rider going upwind.

    The refined bottom shape features bevel rails in the tail with a release edge merging to the convex nose bottom shape for soft touch downs on any angles.

    Configuration for footstraps can be set as a three strap setup with offset front straps or with a single front strap.

    The foil attachment features a double box system allowing the board to be compatible with most vertical mast, plate-style foils.

    BOARD SIZE: 4’9″ (145CM) X 20″ (51CM) X 2.1″ (5.3CM). VOLUME: 25.5L


    • Ideal for lower speed riding, carving and learning.
    • Larger wing for lift and intermediate standard mast length.
    • Kite rear X-Wing configuration for stability or maneuverability.

    Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced carving. The Airush Carving Foil set features our high stability, 1050 cm2 carving front wing, and 80cm Mast as standard.

    Bonus 60cm Mast included for easier learning

    The larger wing provides lift at lower speed while the intermediate mast length creates a very stable platform for the entry-level rider or advanced rider looking for more maneuver oriented riding.

    The unique design of the rear X-Wing highlights its benefits in this configuration where the standard “tips up” configuration creates a very stable platform or can be inverted “tips down“ to increase maneuverability and turn your foil into a carving machine.


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