2018 Flying Objects Flight Control Combo Harness S

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    2018 Flying Objects Flight Control Combo Harness

    This simple and efficient kitesurfing harness will suit everyone, men or women. The simple design of the 2018 Flying Objects Flight Control Combo harness hides hi-tech features for comfort and safety on the water, while keeping a lean profile. Try it and see for yourself why Flying Objects  has become the no.1 favourite kitesurfing harness in Australia.

    “It is so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing a harness!”

    “Affordable, comfortable, sturdy and good looking. Everything needed in a harness”

    The 2018 Flying Object Flight Control seat harness is specifically designed with ultimate rider comfort as the number one priority. Features like Air Cell Inner Skin, soft Neo edging and contoured load plates make the Flight Control form to the bodies shape, this inturn provides a very snug fit that minimises any movement of the harness. Try on any harness and then the 2018 Flight Control Combo Harness and it will become obvious.


    The combo harness is good combination between a waist harness and a seat harness. Sitting at waist level, the combo has leg straps that prevents the harness to ride up, no matter the wind strenght. This harness is perfect for those who want a waist harness but can’t stand the ride-ups.


    Available only in Small and Red.


    What’s new?

    • Materials & Graphics
    • Moulded PU Back Panel
    • Grab Handle Attachments
    • D-Ring Leash Attachment Points
    • O-Ring Sliding Leash Attachment
    • Revised Buckle Attachments
    • Key Pocket Removed


    • 1.605kg


      • Air Cell Inner Skin
      • Moulded PU Outer Skin
      • Independent Tension Belt
      • Contoured Load Plates
      • High Back Profile
      • High Hook Height
      • Widestyle Hook
      • Quick Release Hook
      • ScrewLock Spreader Bar
      • Integrated Bar Pad
      • Neo Buckle Fairing’s
      • Grab Handle
      • D-Ring Leash Attachment Points
      • O-Ring Sliding Leash Attachment
      • Hook Knife Slot (Knife Optional Extra)
    Harness SizeWaist (CM)Waist (Inches)


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    The Flight Control harness is a product of Flying Objects, an Australia-based company.


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