2014-2015 ProLimit Kitewaist Pro Harness XL

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    Prolimit Kitewaist Pro Harness

    The Prolimit Kitewaist Pro harness is the ultimate in moulded kite harnesses. It is the product of years of development in Hybrid moulded technology. True 3D shaping and Pre curved, makes this harness a benchmark.

    The Kitewaist Pro is a top-end molded waist harness for guys who ride more powered up. It has been redesigned for 2014 with optimised moulded support and higher back and side profile for more body contact. The double buckles and straps spread the hook load over a bigger part of the harness body.

    Prolimit has been using a unique belt system for years.

    A belt system which is different from other systems and which makes a huge difference in comfort, in grip, flexibility and tension.


    • 4 Point conntected Neoprene belt
    • Pre-curved and 3D shaped
    • High Load optimised outline profile
    • MPL Quad belt attachment
    • Patented Pin Release Bar System
    • Slide in Barpad for no Ride-Up

    The velcro tab:

    • High mechanical grip. The neoprene belt gives high mechanical grip completely around your waist. No riding up harness.
    • Flexible to adapt to your body. The neoprene belt follows the curves of your waist perfectly.
    • Highest freedom of movement and comfort. The neoprene belt gives maximumn comfort, maximum freedom of movement.
    • Even tension around your waist. The evenly tension around the waist avoids discomfort.


    A kite specific belt system, which allows sliding of the harness slightly around the waist horizontally but keeps the harness in place for no vertical movement. The insert positions of the belts are optimized for the best combination of stretch and support.

    Handle pass leash. Thi is box-tacked in on both sides of the heavy-duty stainless steel D-ring to accomodate the extreme forces while using it with either the rope-tube section, or attaching straight to the D-ring.

    Release system. The handle pass release system is unique, an extra release and safety system on our kiteboarding harnesses.

    Pull direction resistant. Our kite harnesses are built to withstand the forces of a kite pulling more vertically than horizontally during jumps and maneuvers. The 3D shaping has evolved over 13 years to minimize riding-ups.


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