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Check Out: Tales of Stoke - Maui

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Written by Tuesday, 06 May 2014 07:23;

A new awesome video from Airush. Sure to get you chomping at the bit!

Airush team riders Bear Karry, Reider Decker and Terence Seaman travel to Maui looking for the best conditions to shred during the winter break.

Kitestock 2014

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Written by Tuesday, 06 May 2014 07:28;

Thanks to all those who came and said 'HI' at Kitestock this year. The event was a lot of fun, and we got to meet some greta people, and off course try out all the latest gear. Hope to see you next year!

Airush Riders Making WA News

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Written by Tuesday, 06 May 2014 07:31;

Airush Ultra - Kitesurf Magazine Single Strut Test Winner

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Written by Thursday, 13 July 2017 03:40;





Kitesurf Magazine tested 5 of the industries single strut kites extensively in the Foil, Wave, and Twintip riding category.  With significant time on the water the Airush Ultra was the test favorite, even out performing many of the 3 strut kites on the market. 



Learn more about the Airush Ultra here.


Exclusively, here is the new single strut kite by Airush: the Ultra is showing up on our kite spots a few years after Airush introduced this new groundbreaking concept with the One. After testing almost all of the sizes, we can reveal that the Ultra is ahead of the single strut kites category, judge for yourself: a compact shape, sharp tips, an optimized bridle system with pulleys, featherweight but foolproof thanks to its unique Load Frame. This Load Frame provides great rigidity that makes the kite even more tolerant in gusty winds for example.

We first started testing the Ultra with a foilboard and were immediately impressed with the ease of handling and the smooth bar feeling, while the kite is very reactive. It takes off early and goes far forward in the window, so we can validate it for foil riding

Then we went for a waveriding downwinder in cross/cross on-shore, which became on-shore conditions: the drift and surf capabilities are just mind-blowing. The day after, a twintip freeride session, and once again, the Ultra prove to be very pleasant with a good depower and the behavior in the gusts is ahead compared to the other single strut kites. Even efficient in the jumps, easy to control, and to complete this Ultra “perfect” picture, we will add that about the relaunch, it has nothing to envy of the 3 strut kites. Be convinced that the Ultra made a striking entrance in the single strut kite market. Airush offers a complete range of sizes and we heard that a 3.5m should be coming up shortly.


Learn more about the Airush Ultra here.

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