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New To Kitesurfing?

Here's the main type of kites available on the market:

Beginner Kites

A beginner kite is equivalent to stability and simplicity. They are by far the best kites to begin your kitesurfing journey on, for they are the easiest to fly and provide everything you need to get acquainted with the basics of kitesurfing. A good beginner kite should have an easy relaunch, a great depower and provide a smooth flying experience. The key to beginner kites is their simplicity. A simple, user-friendly bar system with a mechanism that makes ejecting instinctive is very important.


All-Round Kites

All-round kites perform very well in waves, freeride and freestyle but do not excel at any of those disciplines – they are jack of all trades. Of course, all-round kites are increasingly appealing since they simplify the buying process of many riders. Wouldn’t you rather travel with one all-round kite instead of one wave kite, one freestyle kite and one race kite? An all-round kite can be summed up as follows:

  • 4-line Setup
  • Great Upwind
  • Predictable
  • Good Wave Kite
  • Smooth Feeling
  • Good Freestyle Kite
  • Easy Relaunch
  • Steady Pull
  • Wide Depower Range

The Lithium:

If you’re getting into kiting, look no further… The Lithium is probably the best kite for you by a mile. You won’t outgrow it quickly as well. The Lithium is adored by beginners and intermediate riders due to its extremely forgiving characteristics and ease of use. If you’re a rider who enjoys freeriding, tacking upwind, and boosting jumps instead of unhooked tricks, the Lithium will undoubtedly cover all your needs.

The Varial X is very similar to the Lithium in terms of use. It is designed as an all-round kite too, but is for a much more advanced set of riders. Its characteristics include:

The Varial X:

If you’re an experienced rider who enjoys waves, free ride and freestyle the Varial X is probably the best choice as you’ll just need the one kite which does all. Perfect if you travel a lot as well, you’ll pay less than having one kite for each discipline!

The Varial X is also a great choice for riders getting into freestyle, providing great unhooking performance without being too radical. This will help riders progress quickly through unhooked tricks.


Freestyle Kites

Freestyle kites are normally C-kites – which helps with the pop and create enough slack in the lines when unhooked. They often have 5 struts and 5 lines to provide the most support throughout the leading edge when riding unhooked and doing high-powered radical moves.

Freestyle kites are the most aggressive kites and have the most direct response compared to any other kites. They are also suited to advanced riders since they are less forgiving and more powerful than other kites.  A freestyle kite such as the Razor Team is the perfect weapon to dial unhooked tricks, massive kiteloops and to push your freestyle and wakestyle performance.

Some key points of freestyle kites:

  • Highly Reactive
  • Aggressive Feel
  • Sporty Feeling
  • Huge Boosting
  • Solid Construction
  • Wakestyle oriented
  • Excels unhooked
  • Amazing Looping


Wave Kites

Wave kites resemble a lot freestyle kites in shape; they are close to a C-kite in shape but often have more swept wingtips and are lighter on the bar, offering less grunt and more drifting ability. A good wave kite will also turn lightning fast by pivoting on itself.

A great characteristic of waves kite is their parking ability, where you can just rely on the power of the wave to drive you whilst your kiting is ‘parked’ on the side of the window, waiting for your next command. A few

  • High drift capacity
  • Great ‘park and ride’
  • Pivot turns
  • High stability


Race Kites

Race kites are specific to one discipline: racing. If you are into racing, there is no doubt that you’ll have an edge over any other kites in terms of speed.

Race kites are also a great choice for those of you who enjoy freeriding in general and pulling long tacks efficiently without wanting to venture into unhooked freestyle. On a light wind day, a kite like the VXR V2 can be really fun if paired to a larger freeride board such as the Sector

  • Speed Oriented
  • Great Light Wind Capability
  • Slalom Riding
  • Race Riding
  • Foil Riding
  • High Upwind Ability